Impresión digital / 20x30cm / 2007

« Grand Hotel Noailles » was located on the main avenue of Marseille, France. Opened during the XIX century, it was luxurious and finally gave its name to the neighborhood. It became abandoned the year of my birth in 1979, and was renovated in 2004 in an ugly police station, completely emptied of its content, its essence. They put false ceiling everywhere and divide the space in small offices, they only kept the facade.

Luckily I managed to enter before they transformed it. You could still see the splendor of the past. It offered on 6 floors more than 300 rooms and lounges and a renowned restaurant. « Everywhere, gilding, rich fabrics, tapestries with shimmering reflections, metal and gold, gave off an extraordinary impression of opulence ». I could still feel it.


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