Propuesta digital para concurso de ideas / 2020

In 2020, COVID19 surprised all mankind. After the second wave of the virus, new pandemics appeared and accelerated during the following years. People found it difficult to integrate barrier gestures, and the fact of being locked up at home or in front of their screen to “socialize” became unbearable. Virtual reality was starting to tire people, they needed to get back together, to see themselves in the flesh, even if they couldn’t touch each other.

Since group of people was prohibited (because of the physical distance, which is difficult to impose), the idea of ​​nomadic structures was born. Why, instead of confining oneself to enclosed in unhealthy spaces, not to transpose our activities to different places, each time outside, in order to minimize the risks?

It was an extension of this changing world. Temporary, removable and stackable, they can be mounted anywhere and could accommodate any type of event such as: classes, readings, meditations, yoga lessons, ceremony, wedding, … in different places (garden, parking, park, etc.). These structures made it possible to regroup while respecting distance.

With simple, modular writing and light, sustainable materials, they adapt to any place in the world, and only use common materials on site. For example in Morocco the petates of Mexico were replaced by heavy fabrics like those used for Berber tents. In China they used cardboard layers to divide the space.

For the supporting structure, the Indians chose bamboo while in Paris they reused tubular scaffolding.

It is a proposal that responds to any eventuality and adapts to any type of context. Aesthetics of the circus that brought joy to the villages, or even Berber tents that recreate a home anywhere. The vendors in Mexico who go up and ask for their street stall every day. There are multiple inspirations.

It allows a capacity of twelve people, which corresponds to the twelve separations of the circle. The twelve carries many symbols. It can be interpreted as both the end of a cycle or a point of harmony. Positive or negative, it is omnipresent in all areas: time system (noon and midnight) or measurement (a dozen eggs). It governs space and time.

It is the number of the constellations of the zodiac. It is also a founder in the three major religions and appears many times in the Bible (the twelve apostles who accompanied Jesus). But also the twelve sons of Jacob among Jews or the twelve imams successors to Muhammad among Muslims.

Prophetic number of what is completed and whole, which forms a whole, a harmonious and perfect whole.

It is a cosmic number.

It is creative power.

Twelve entities around a circle, a perfect shape therefore, a harmonious circle.

In terms of what to do, the person in the center comes first. Then the participants must arrive at a specific time, each at an interval of five minutes, each in turn, finding their assigned position around the circle beforehand, thanks to a numbering on the ground for example, or above the structure.

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