Digital collage on existing posters / 40x60cm / 2020

The lives of millions of people have completely changed. New ways and new words have appeared during COVID-19 outbreak. New messages in the streets to beg people to stay home, in the name of their security. In the entire world, they are asked to sacrifice their freedoms for their health, thanks to increasingly sophisticated and intrusive technologies, like tracking apps, cameras that monitor if people are wearing a mask or drones that enforce physical distance.

The act of twisting original posters I collected, paints a picture of reality as a fiction, a dystopia (a nightmarish utopia), a frightening new society where power would be applying without any constraint, on obedient citizens who cannot achieve happiness or escape from it. Obeying means submission, to remain in self-ignorance.

Consequently, to disobey would be redeeming: finally I rebel, finally, I exist!


















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